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Attractions for Your Booking with Our South Kensington Escorts

On top of all the museums there are in the area, South Kensington also has one the greatest marvels that the Victorian era produced, and that is the Royal Albert Hall, Kensington Gore, SW7 2AP. The incredible arena plays host mostly to classical music festivals but has also been known to host rock, pop and jazz concerts, along with sporting events, banquets and luxury balls. The world famous Prom series takes place there, which is an eight week summer season spectacular which promotes daily orchestral classical music concerts.

A lot of our girls love sophisticated dates, and a night at the proms is something that our South Kensington escorts will appreciate very much, which in turn will lead to you being thanked in a number of personal ways. If you are looking for somewhere to eat then look no further than Blakes restaurant located with Blakes Hotel at 33 Roland Gardens, SW7 3PF. Here you can discover a modern twist on an irresistible Mediterranean menu which is sculpted using the very best organic ingredients. The restaurant is airy and spacious and radiates imaginative luxury and affluence.

The Best Hotels for Bookings with a South Kensington Escort

The Grange Strathmore is an iconic hotel, and much like most of the area it has a very Victorian feel to it, the hotel is an exquisitely restored London townhouse, which gloriously combines modern day luxuries with a traditional Victoria aura. The aristocratic feel is very apparent within the building, and with world class staff you will be forgiven for believing you are the original Earl of Strathmore, due to the incredible service you receive.

Another equally lavish hotel in the area of South Kensington, is the Ampersand, 10 Harrington Road, SW7 3ER. Originally built in 1889, it is a trendy hotel, with a slick design and genuine hospitable staff, who instantly can’t do enough to help you. The interior is fresh, convivial and defies the traditional feel that the rest of the area desires. It is a much more exuberant and exciting hotel than what you will find elsewhere in the area. As such the Ampersand is a personal favourite for many of our South Kensington escorts, who love the laid back and chic feel that the hotel resonates.