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Elite London Escorts from £300

Natural beauties, these girls will often turn heads as they walk down the street, they really are that good looking. With great looks also come mind-blowing bodies; these girls especially work hard to stay in shape, they realise that if you are paying this money to spend time with them, then the least they can do is ensure they are looking exquisite. Regular gym trips ensure they stay slender, slim and toned; something that our valued clients certainly appreciate. Supremely confident too, our cheap escorts have an outgoing demeanour whereby they love the sense of thrill and adventure; something that will certainly rub off on you. These girls are here for a good time just as much as you are, and they are able to project this in their very own special ways.

Where to Take Our £300-£350 Escorts

Our £300 - £350 escorts are found in all areas of London, the mid-range price they charge means they are found in more affluent areas such as Mayfair and Knightsbridge equally as much as in cheaper areas such as Bayswater and Sloane Square. However the common haunts for these cheap London escorts are areas such as South Kensington, Baker Street and High Street Kensington; areas that tend to border the more wealth areas. Within these areas you will find high quality hotels such as The Landmark (222 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ) and also the Grange Strathmore Hotel (41 Queen’s Gate Gardens, SW7 5NB). A perfect place to stay to have a wide range of cheap escorts readily available to you; these hotels are luxurious enough to make your stay pleasant, but cheap enough not to break the bank.