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Why One of Our Petite London Escorts Makes a Perfect Companion

Our petite escorts make the perfect companion for social occasions or corporate functions, the reason being is they empower our clients, by being so cute and small, the petite escort in question increases the aura of dominance and authority surrounding our clients. With our clients towering over them and looking much bigger, the rest of the room will instinctively sense a degree of power intensifying from our clients. Some of the most famous celebrities in the world are petite in stature but powerful in nature, this is apparent by some of the girls that appear on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women poll, stars such as Eva Longoria, who stands at 5’2”. Other petite celebrities include Mila Kunis, 5’3” and Megan Fox, 5’2”.

As much as Pure London’s petite escorts look like a princess, they equally love being treated like one. The girls on this page love romance, and really enjoy dinner dates and drinks, and they are sure to show you a good time. You will be particularly amazed at how good these petite escorts look in a dinner dress, like something straight out of a Hollywood movie, these girls look unreal.